2 Hit Studio
Based in Wollongong, Australia

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PC release in 2016


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Starslinger Kings is an arcade run-'n'-gun where you deck out a mech with parts and pit it against armies of robot bandits. Unlock new parts for your mech by defeating rogue pilots to enable deeper customisation, and see if you can take down the massive Bandit Gods themselves! Local co-op campaign or versus modes for up to 4 players. Luftrausers meets Metal Slug.


Part way through the development of Fatal Theory, 2 Hit Studio backed the Kickstarter for the Ouya. When the pre-release Ouya was delivered, it coincided with their first competition, CREATE, which had a hefty cash prize. Adam took the challenge on to make a platform 360 degree shooter with mech customisation, taking influences from the Armored Core and Medabots series. They didn't win the competition, and soon scrapped the game to focus on Fatal Theory. After its released, the core idea and name for the game was kept, while everything else about the game was redesigned (art style, gameplay, music direction -- everything) and it re-entered active development. Starslinger Kings has been the main project of our studio since 2014, and is due to hit PC in 2016 with potential port options thereafter.


  • Customise your mech with different parts before battle; construct a build that plays the way you want to! Light and agile, weaving between bullets? Heavy bullet sponge armed with lock-on missiles? With 625 unique combinations of parts, we got you covered.
  • Unlock new parts as you go, by defeating powerful rogue Starslingers and taking their parts.
  • Four enormous screen-shattering boss battles that bring the bullet hell.
  • "The most satisfying punch attack in any game, ever" - PAXAUS 2015 player. Punch small enemies flying into bigger ones to do massive damage. Punch friendly players who aren't pulling their weight into packs of enemies, using their body as a weapon. Punch missiles outta the goddamn sky!
  • Combat designed to be dynamic and fresh, every time you play - destructible terrain, randomised maps, diverse enemy types to keep you on your toes.
  • Local multiplayer experience. Couch co-op through four unique campaigns, or go head-to-head in versus.


Starslinger Kings super-early PAXAUS 2014 build trailer YouTube




About 2 Hit Studio

2 Hit Studio: games for the go-down-swingin' crowd. We're two brothers, Matt and Adam Carr, who grew up playing all kinds of games together and now are trying to give some of that joy back.

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Starslinger Kings Credits

Adam Carr
Designer, Pixel Artist, PR guy

Matt Carr
Concept/Pixel Artist, Programmer

Sebastian Garden-Hire
Music Composer

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